Standard vs Premium t shirts at Stellar Gear in Saskatoon

Standard vs Premium t shirts at Stellar Gear in Saskatoon

Here at Stellar Gear in Saskatoon located in The Centre Mall, we know the difference between a Standard and a Premium t-shirt.

In this video Ainsley will be showing the key differences of a Standard and a premium t-shirt.

Some of our brands for example Sullen makes it very easy to tell the difference between the two types. Take a peek into the collar of a Sullen T, if you can see the word premium inside it is a premium t-shirt. But, if you don't see the word premium in the collar you know it will be a standard t-shirt.

In some instances you might not know if the shirt is standard or premium. What are the key differences? Standard t-shirts have a thicker collar, and they will have a boxer fit, and thicker material. While Premium t-shirts have a thinner collar, softer material, with a slim fit, because of this we often recommend people to size up at least one size, unless you're looking for a tight fit.

Stellar Gear is a kickass streetwear clothing store for men and women located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We are located in The Centre Mall. Stellar Gear has been operating for over 20 years. We have a wide variety of unique clothing brands with styles you won’t find anywhere else. Brands that can be found in our store are Troll Co. (Dirty Hands Clean Money), RDS, Sullen, Metal Mulisha, Hustle Gang, Death Row Records, Ripndip, Oakley, Ray Ban, Rum Knuckles, 2UNDR, Rock Revivals, Hayabusa, American Fighter, DGA (DavidGonzalesArt), Santa Cruz, Fox, Blackflys, Secrid, Affliction, Venum, Toronto Belts, and more. Unlike most clothing stores in Saskatoon Stellar Gear carries up to 5XL, sometimes even 6XL. So you are sure to find something that fits you and your style! Oh and did I mention that the staff actually want to talk to you and help you find exactly what you're looking for!